Who is Steven?

A few questions…

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Steven. I was born in 2001 in the city of Goes, a town in the province of Zeeland, The Netherlands.

How did you become an organist?

When I was young, I heard the organ in church every Sunday. I was very fascinated by this instrument. The sound of an organ can be really soft and extremely loud. All the different sounds you have on an pipe organ is fantastic!

At home, we had an electronical organ. I tried to improvise on it. I got organ lessons from my 9th age.

Do you prefer a music style?

They often ask me that. I like to play all kinds of styles. Actually, I prefer some very good composers.

I think the music of Johann Sebastian Bach is the most special music. His music is timeless and you can play it always.

I also love the music of Max Reger. What is special about this composer is that many people cannot appreciate his music. For myself, I like his pieces very much. His choral fantasies for organ are incredible beautiful. It is wonderful the way he present the text from the chorales in music.

Last, I like the music of great French composers like Louis Vierne, Maurice Duruflé and Olivier Messiaen.

What musical activities do you currently have?

In summer I play a lot of organ concerts. In The Netherlands, but also abroad. I like this very much, because you meet new organs and new places. It is very nice to have a walk in a city I never have been before.

Since 2017 I became organist of the Flentrop-organ in the Sionkerk in Goes. I play the services in this church a few times in a month. This activity is totally different than giving organ concerts, but I always like to do that and every time it is special for me.

I also playing with choirs and instrumentalists.

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