About steven

Steven Knieriem, a rising Dutch organist born in 2001, showcases a vibrant musicality and diverse repertoire, spanning genres from Bach to contemporary music. 

His unique interpretations on the organ, alongside self-transcribed works like Dvořák’s Hussite Overture and Carl Nielsen’s Aladdin-Suite, have earned him prizes in prestigious competitions, including the Ambitus Organ Competition in Haarlem and ‘Orgues à Douai’ in France.

Steven’s performances extend globally, collaborating with orchestras and choirs in esteemed venues like Madrid’s Auditorio Nacional de Música.

Starting his organ studies at age 9 and guided by Ben van Oosten in Rotterdam, he continues studying with Christian Schmitt and Zuzana Ferjenčíková, further enriching his musical journey.


Alléluias sereins (l’Ascension)


Fugue in A-Minor, BWV 543


Prélude et Fugue en Do-majeur, Op. 36/3